Adjusting to the Crazy World of College

It’s a few weeks into the semester; is the college experience thus far what you thought it would be? If not, that’s okay, reality is rarely exactly like we anticipated. You may be busier, or lonelier, or coping better, or not as well, or relieved, or more disorganized, or happier, or sleepier than you expected. But all of these are normal, so please allow yourself to be human (warts and all) while you get into the swing of this new world.   Because it really is a unique microcosm. You are expected to continue to be what you have been all your life thus far, a student. But you are also expected to now do so as an adult, with adult-like responsibility. And at the end of these four (+) years, you are supposed to have figured out your life’s work, LOL. But that’s a topic for another time. You will actually have some things figured out by the time you finish, primarily just knowing yourself better. So, day at a time in managing this crazy college thing. Be patient with yourself as you find what works for in getting out of bed, showing up, doing the academic work, and interacting with new people. New experiences, new successes, some new failures. And the world keeps turning ‘round….

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