Feeling Homesick?

Well, here you are. You made it to college, moved in, and sort of got settled. By now you know where your classes are and have been shocked by the requirements on each syllabus. At some point, maybe next week, maybe next semester, you might find yourself feeling homesick. You will know this by the knot in your stomach when something reminds you of home, and by wishing for things you never thought you would. Of course, there are some things you do not miss, like a curfew, parental rules, sharing a bathroom with a younger sibling, etc. But what you might miss is being in familiar surroundings, the regularity of time with friends or family, and just knowing what each day will bring. Rest assured that what you are experiencing is normal and that most people have similar feelings, even those that do not seem to be homesick or would not admit it. The sadness and anxiety that define homesickness will fade with time. Spend time with people who are good for you, place a comforting reminder from home where you can see it, try new activities, and BE PATIENT WITH YOURSELF. Let time do its work. You can do this. Welcome to college.

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