I’m Graduating! But What About My Friends?

With all the changes and decisions that come with graduating, one of the most unsettling can be the inevitable transitions in friendships.  Realistically, some of the people who have been really important in your life will fade away with time and distance.  With others you may have sporadic contact.  With a very few, you may keep in touch regularly.  Even as you realize you will be moving on soon but not yet,  it is normal to have some sense of disconnection as you sit with a crowd of your friends and remember it won’t be this way much longer.  You may even feel yourself pulling away now.  That’s human, and you are preparing yourself emotionally.  And if you think this sounds sad, remember it is the normal, human way of things.  Maybe this is why we create memories.

Karl Laves

I know this may sound goofy, but I like to think of the pain/sadness of leaving people as a testimony to the quality of friendships we have/had. The sadness is a measure of their value and it can remind you/comfort you to know that you are a person who has made friends, will make friends….you are person that enjoys others and others enjoy you. Just remember, you have done this before….elementary school, high school, etc. and you will do it again and again. I think it is the Germans that have an expression “until I see you again”; instead of saying goodbye forever, say thank you and let’s have happy lives.

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